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High-speed Internet service, commonly called broadband, has become an essential link for achieving a quality education, finding a job, conducting business and competing in the global marketplace. As the nation's largest providers offering broadband service to 93 percent of U.S. households, cable companies understand how connectivity can empower, educate and open new opportunities.

While broadband Internet access is available to most Americans, too many citizens remain unconnected. Those who don’t subscribe say they don’t understand the Internet’s relevance, don’t know how it works or don’t have a computer. The only way to close the broadband gap is to hit these factors head on.

Cable’s $210 billion network infrastructure investment since 1996 has helped bring fast, affordable and accessible broadband service to nearly all Americans. And cable companies across America have embarked in community partnerships and other projects to reach those who remain unconnected. From building the next-generation network in isolated villages in Alaska to offering refurbished computers to low-income families in northwest Minnesota to offering discounted service to low-income families, cable companies are working all over the US to expand the availability of broadband service.



As the nation's largest residential broadband provider, cable strives to connect all Americans, urban and rural, youth and elderly, online. Cable embraces the national goal of connecting everyone to the Internet and is reaching out across America to develop partnerships with schools and other community-based groups that encourage home broadband use, promote computer ownership, improve digital literacy and reveal to consumers why they can’t be left behind.



Cable companies have spent decades and hundreds of billions of dollars to build robust networks in thousands of American communities in all corners of our country.  In fact, 93 percent of Americans now have access to cable’s broadband service with speeds enabling consumers to enjoy and benefit from the power of connectivity.